/Girlfriend bitten at family barbecue

Girlfriend bitten at family barbecue

Judge describes family get-together as "some gathering" as fights almost break out.


Judge describes family get-together as “some gathering” as fights almost break out.

A man trying to fight his girlfriend’s uncle and brother at a family barbecue bit his girlfriend when she put him in a headlock. 

Nineteen-year-old Ryan Scott, of Blenheim, was drinking at an afternoon get-together at a house on Muller Rd, in Blenheim, on September 15, when he “became agitated”. 

His partner took him away to calm him down when he elbowed her in the middle of her chest. The woman’s uncle saw this and tried to intervene, a police summary of facts said.

Scott then tried to get the uncle to fight him but his partner put him in a headlock to stop him.

He then bit her to free himself and her brother got involved. Scott tried to start a fight with him before running at cars on the road and charging at passerbys. 

Scott then “punched a car window”, the summary said. He pushed his partner away when she tried to pull him off the road.

Police arrived at the scene and tried to approach Scott who fled for 170 metres before stopping. Officers discovered 2.1 grams of cannabis in his pocket and a large bong in his backpack.

Scott pleaded guilty at the Blenheim District Court on Monday to disorderly behaviour, possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was fined $300.

Scott, who had two previous convictions for common assault, was not considered for community work as his job as a fishery worker meant he worked unsuitable hours.

Judge Bill Hastings said it seemed the event had been “some gathering”.